Total Campus Solution
Web Enabled Educational ERP Solution for colleges of all kind- Government and Private Professional and non-professional institutions
The management of a college and other higher educational institution may require a more proactive approach in making decision by the administration, and require the information at hand in most cases. Apart from the automation, there must be a control of work flow to make the activities of the institution streamlined and to improve the accountability of decisions, activities and operations in achieving the aims and objectives of the institution. Data analysis and reports should not only be comprehensive, but, it must be useful to influence the decisions. Hence, the name, ‘Total Campus Automation”- It is the name given to the Software that has three gateways to enter in for students, parents, management, staff and administration to enter data and view reports of their own realm, but with the poll and nose knot headstall halter with administration.
  • Institution – General Information
  • Application Processing & Indexing
  • Ranking and Admission
  • Academic Administration
    a.   Course and Course allotments
    b.   Attendance
    c.   Examinations & evaluations and Reports
    d.   Choice based credit semester system
  • Fee Collection and DCB Statements
  • Financial Accounting System
  • Payroll management (Salary & Arrears)
  • Leave Accounting System
  • PD Accounts and Cash book Maintenance
  • Internal Deduction Registers
  • Establishment Module
  • Library Management
  • Internal Communication System (Email)
  • Student (online) login
  • Teacher (online) login
  • Parent (online) login
  • Administrative & office staff login
  • Integrated website
  • Leave Accounting system to manage all types of leaves and their conversions
  • Establishment with Staff profile
  • Service book
  • Promotions and Half Yearly Return (HYR)
  • Library Management System- Book Magic
  • Web Module: Database oriented pages to populate Students, Attendance, Fees & Accounts.
Features at a glance
  • Screens for providing role-based access to screens, folders, individual documents or objects within a document
  • Privileged access to menu options as per the roles defined by the Institute
  • Provision to add / edit / delete individual student information (personal and educational) as required. This also includes uploading of signature and photo
  • Facility for bulk uploading the admitted student information for the current academic year into the master database
  • Facility to verify student profile for the selected academic courses and semester
  • Provision for assigning student identity code
  • Previewing and printing of new / duplicate identity cards
  • Default login credentials to students for accessing campus software after assigning student identity code
  • Login mechanism with encrypted and secure password storage
  • Users able to recover lost / forgotten passwords, without manual interaction of the system administrators, by providing other relevant information
  • Automatically trigger emails to students regarding the access details
  • Creating the admission batch for the under graduate and post graduate courses
  • Creation and management of short term training programs / courses for various nicheAreas
  • Swapping / transfer between various specializations
  • Activate / deactivate programs and specializations
  • Creation and modification of courses for different programs
  • Define course name, course code, course type (core, elective - institute / department - ,minor, and lab), course order, duration etc
  • Setting credits for different courses
  • Course content management (slides, notes, references, papers assignments etc.)
  • Course chat sessions and chat history management
  • Facility to add / edit / delete faculty profile
  • Assigning faculty to various courses based on the program and specialization
  • Options for joint faculty for certain courses
  • Options for visiting faculty for modules within certain courses
  • Options for courses with several guest speakers
  • Provision for getting faculty list and setting action plans
  • Enable course registration by students to the relevant course types (namely: core, elective, minor, lab, etc
  • Course registration either for regular semester or for supplementary (winter / summer) courses (for I year B.Tech. students alone, with a condition of selecting mandatory 3 courses
  • Facility to register for backlog courses for B.Tech students (other than I year). This involves the contact hours during the summer vacation
  • Generating student list(s) for courses
  • Configuring mandatory attendance semester wise / year wise
  • Provision for capturing leave including medical leave
  • Integration with Email / SMS gateway
  • Student-configured alert mechanism for mid-semester attendance shortage alerts
  • Medical leave sanction by the concerned medical officer
  • Maintain and tally daily and monthly attendanceAutomatic attendance percentage calculation
  • Scheduling and preparation of class time tables (including combined subject, combinedclass etc)Substitution allotment
  • Availability and allocation of class rooms for regular academic lectures
  • Allocation of conference / seminar halls / common meeting rooms for lectures
  • Exam linked with internals / externals
  • Deciding the examination type as regular and supplementary
  • Facility to register students for the selected examination
  • Setting exam evaluation components
  • Scheduling the examination date and time
  • Conducting of examinations
  • Facility for generating and printing
  • Provision for fixing a set of examination patterns
  • Hall allotment as per examination schedule
  • Setting the seat matrix and allocating based on seat availability
  • Attendance setting based on examination timetable
  • Option to generate attendance report
  • Alert (Email, SMS or both) to facilities on finalizing attendance on daily / weekly basis
  • Internal / external mark entry based on subject / class / student
  • Various grading strategies
  • Grading and promotion
  • Enable printing of TC, Conduct
  • Facility to students for submitting certificate requests
  • Request approvals and certificate issue
  • Provide record archival for future reference
  • Advanced / customized student search
  • Student profile (exam, attendance etc)
  • Previous year / passed out student detail
  • Tracking of student’s marks and attendance
  • Records all personal details of each student
  • Messaging-Mailing / letter to parent / emergency including notification of malpractice /debarring information / semester-fine etc
  • Customized certificates, reports, student profiles, SMS alerts, emails, birthday
  • Flexible fee master setting
  • Assigning student-wise fee depending on program type\Deduction / concession setting for group / individual
  • Keep track of fees paid and due
  • Generating and canceling fee receipts if required
  • Manage invoicing, data entry and financial record
  • Keeping\Summary/detailed reports
  • Possibility to incorporate banking / credit card payment etc
  • Inter zone cultural and sports activities
  • Comprehensive security features to prevent unauthorized access and to ensure protection of sensitive data
  • Automated alert mechanisms to quickly detect unauthorized access attempts
  • Absolutely no surreptitious transmission of data is allowed
  • Authentication through user name and password

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Total Campus Solution