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Integrated Library Management System

Integrated Library Management System – Book Magic E- library solution celebrates installations
Book Magic is one of the leading Windows based Library Automation Software. The application which is being used over 80 libraries in India and Middle East has become a synonym to Library management software. Easy to use, timely service and constant technical upgradation makes Book Magic a delight of many librarians across the world.

Having separate software on Client Server and as Web application, BookMagic allows the user to access and administer the library anywhere from the globe. The highly secure system ensures each user gets the right information and functions they require. With its three different versions, Book Magic offers flexibility to the clients in technical and monetary terms. Proper planning and technically perfect implementation of Book Magic eases the functioning of any library
  • BOOKMAGIC Junior
  • BOOKMAGIC Advanced
  • BOOKMAGIC Online

Integrated Library Management System, suited for managing small and school libraries. Available as Client Server and Online versions. Designed to automate the following activities of your library: the OPAC (public interface for users), cataloging (classifying and indexing materials), and circulation (lending materials to patrons and receiving them back) and Stock verification. The system provides an extensive reporting facility in all modules. The Administration module manages all master files, member/patron information and other authority files. System supports MARC 21 and ISO 2709 formats. Most of the features available in Advanced version for the above modules are also available in Junior version.

BookMagic Junior

Integrated Library Management system, suited for College, Research and other similar Institutions. Available as Client Server and Online versions. It falls mainly under 9 modules. The OPAC (public interface for users), cataloging/Database/Technical processing (classifying and indexing materials), circulation/ Counter transaction /Issue and return module (lending materials to patrons and receiving them back), Acquisitions (ordering, receiving, and invoicing materials), Serial control module, Administration module, Reports module, Article indexing module, Digital library resources cataloguing module

BookMagic Senior

Online Book Magic is the latest addition to BookMagic versions. Online OPAC system is much appreciated because of its strength for the information search in your library anywhere from your intranet or internet and to use the potential of the library to aid the students /users in and outside the institution. Library has the pivotal role by itself in any Educational / Research institutions, Technical organizations etc. The search of information and resources, gathering, organization, distribution of resources, maintenance of users and resources profile, resources usage statistics, Fund utilization and accounting etc. done and controlled very systematically in BookMagic library management Software in a way you like the most. It is compliant with international standards for data interchange and understand the standard catalogue formats available for download

BookMagic Online
  • Database/Technical processing/Cataloguing module
  • Circulation/Counter transaction /Issue and return module
  • Acquisition control module
  • Serial control module
  • Administration module
  • OPAC (search) module
  • Reports module
  • Article indexing module
  • Digital library resources cataloguing module
Technical Specification

Client Server Application

Front End Microsoft Visual Basic
Back End Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Above
Version Multi-user, LAN
User/Client License 5 users (Client can increase the license)

Online Application (BookMagic Web Edition and Web OPAC)

Front End Microsoft ASP.Net, C#
Back End Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Above
Version Unlimited user
Highlights of Library Automation Software
  • BookMagic - Library & Information Management Software provides fast acquaintance
  • It is modular, but all integrated.
  • Online and offline compatibility – Do it on internet or in your Client server network!
  • MARC 21 and Z39.50 compliant with ISO 2709 data interchange format.
  • Cataloguing of Digital Resources follow Dublin Core metadata format
  • Automatic access to Library of Congress Online Catalogues and import of data
  • Support data capturing devices like RFID, Barcode reader etc…
  • Generate and print barcode labels and tags for users and resource identification
  • Web OPAC –Search option from internet. View status of renewals and reservation of resources.
  • Search fields include Title, Authors. Collaborators, Edition details, Publication, Physical details, GMD, ISBN, Key words, Contents, Series, Subjects, Topics, NCA( National Curriculum Area), Language, Accession number, Classification, Suffix, Location, Loan category, Accession date, Supplier , price, Budget dissection etc.
  • Data base include that of books, book banks, journal articles, back volumes, thesis, reports, standard codes, non-book materials etc.
  • Import and Export of data in various formats
  • Digital Archiving made easy.
  • Conform to Scholastic events, routines and regulations
  • Periodicals control –Ordering, receiving, missing reports, payment control, renewing- bound volume preparation –searching periodical article by keyword.
  • Library services utilities – New arrivals report. CAS, SDI etc.
  • Membership control - Due and overdue information
  • Seamless integration with “Online Campus” and “TCS” – The School and higher educational institution automation Software
  • Integration with Greenstone Open Source Digital Library
  • Automatic and manual backup and restore for Client server application
  • Multi level security options
  • A true and comprehensive automation and control of your library and information System that deliver information

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