An integrated online Inventory Control & Financial Accounting Software –Most benefitted to trading organizations
Trading organizations may have operations from multiple locations /country with one or more warehouses located at geographically distant locations. It is no doubt that such an organization needs a network to integrate and control its operation. Biznet provide the control of trading activity such as purchase /sales billing, stock management such as delivery and receipts of goods, return of goods purchased or sold, stock movements, package management such as assembling and de-assembling of goods, ware house management such as Bin location , delivery note generation etc. integrated with Financial Accounting system which generate vouchers for cash receipts / payments, bank receipts /payment, etc. Integrated with purchase and sales invoice to automatically update the accounts ledgers.All updated final accounts reports. Most useful feature is the bill to bill accounting which automatically prepare detailed customer outstanding from the daily transaction data.
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  • Purchases
  • Warehouses
  • Accounts
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  • Rental

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