Online Campus
Online Campus

Web Enabled ERP Solution for New Generation Schools.

Online Campus is a web solution of high leverage for the control and management of schools with its organized and structured software modules, all integrated and interwoven to go with the latest concepts of WEB applications.
Online Campus, the preferred choice of schools in India and Middle East has helped in optimizing the work and processes of various institutions. This suite of web solution for the optimization, control and management of schools with its organized and structured software modules, has replaced many other school management software’s in various organizations.

Build on the sound Web 2.0 technology Online Campus modules are well integrated across functions to deliver a single window for entire operations of the institution. The Solution features, Global Access, Separate, Secure and Customized logins for Management, Principal, Students, Teachers, Parents and IT Administrators, Works Even When Internet is Disconnected, Strong Reporting Features, Strong Accounting, Designed for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), Secure and Centralized Data, Integration to SMS,GPS, Biometrics and Library.
Services Available in Online Campus
  • Teacher (Online) Services
  • Parent (Online) Services
  • School Principal Services
  • Management Services (MIS)
  • Library Services
  • Online Web OPAC
  • Administrative & Office Staff Services
  • IT Manager Services
  • Academic Administration
  • Fees & Transportation
  • Accounts
  • Inventory ( Store )
  • Library
  • Timetable & Examination
  • Staff & Payroll
  • Fixed Assets
Features at a Glance
  • Completely automated
  • Effective linking among faculty, parents, administrators and students through software system.
  • Easy and effective control of work flow.
  • Integrated control and management across various modules and services (staff, student, parent and admin).
  • Separate yet fully integrated services available for staff, student, parent and admin.
  • Offline and online operation ( No system down incident)
  • Offline / online operation synchronization
  • Offers hardware software integration, for security, biometric and other utility devices.
  • Effective for management of multiple institutions from any where on internet.
  • History of all the major transactions created for future reference
  • Effectively integrated with Online Web OPAC (Library management System).
  • Short learning curve for any user.
  • Export reports in various formats
  • Offers transition of Existing Database for the seamless integration with ‘Online Campus’.
  • Strict and secure Access Control restricted to authorized user sections only.

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Online Campus